For the love of woodworking

Why I Love Woodworking And How Exactly I got Involved With It.

It’s actually kind of funny because I most likely would have never found and then later fell in love with woodworking had I not been locked up, I know, kinda sounds crazy right? I’ll explain a little, in 2011 I was incarcerated at a minimum security work camp for low risk inmates. Being that it was a “work camp” everybody was expected to work, so one day I was called down to the hobby shop for a job interview. They asked me if I had any experience running a table saw and even though I had never even turned one on yet have experience I lied and told them “yes” of course I did.

Hardwood Jewelry Box Interior

So I faked it till I made it and somehow managed to not lose any fingers over the next 15 months or so. My job was to run the table saw all day and make cut’s for all the guys that made wood project’s in the hobby shop. After a couple of months I started getting really interested in the projects people were making and decided to start making my own projects since I had a lot of free time in the wood shop. I started making jewelry boxes and it was pretty cool because there was a program that donated all the wood and materials for projects and you had to make duplicates of whatever you were making. One would be for you to keep and the other would be for you to donate to the program and they would auction them off and put the money towards scholarships. It was really a win-win situation because I got to build a bunch of amazing boxes with top-notch wood and do something good for the community.

Pallet Shelf

Needless to say, that is where I found my love for working with wood. I would head straight down to the shop at 8am and not leave till 9pm daily. I am 100% sure I would have never realized I had a love for working with wood had I not been at that place at that time. Years went by until I was able to come up with the funds to put together my own home based woodworking shop, it was only about six months ago I was finally able to accomplish that. I’m very excited about current and future projects, there is a lot more options for me now, I can really get creative (I.E. I’ve been experimenting with pallet wood, etc…)being able to do what I love out of my home is the best part, the only negative side of things is I just don’t have the time like I did when I started woodworking.

Pallet Chest

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