Why Do I Struggle With Final Stages Of A Project?

I Have Noticed A Pattern With End Stages Of Finishing a Wood Craft Project.

Hardwood Jewelry Box

For some reason whenever I seem to get to this point in the stage of working on a project, and I’m working on a jewelry box I have to make myself finish it instead of setting it aside and starting a new project. I don’t really get it, I don’t mind sanding and doing all the finishing touches. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that at this point on a project you have a solid idea of what the finished product is going to look like? Whatever the case may be, I’m really trying to push myself to stay on task with my work. Maybe I need to stop imagining the next project I’m going to start and practice staying focused on the task at hand.

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This jewelry box just needs finish sanding, hinges, interior felt, and oiled. I brought it inside to look at and it really put the size into perspective for me once it was sitting on my kitchen table, it’s pretty big! My goal before I started it was to make a jewelry/ keepsake box that a man could have. Why should jewelry boxes be only for woman? The size of it did make certain steps difficult such as fitting the book matched lid in frame, but I managed to work it all out. I’ll post a picture of the finished jewelry/ keepsake here in the next day or so.

UPDATE! Forced Myself To Work Through It.

Jewelry/ keepsake box.
Finished It!

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