Woodworking Is Not About The Money.

The Time And Energy Spent On Completing Most Hand-Made Wood Projects Rarely Matches The Asking Price.




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I really hope your woodworking ambition isn’t about making big money while utilizing your wood crafting skills and here’s why. People actually do pay large sums of money for beautifully crafted wood design projects, but the truth of the matter is it would take more money than you would realize just to break even to the time, energy, and cost of materials used in most situations. So yeah, more money will be spent as the higher level of detail shows in the final product, well unfortunately all that fine detail took hours upon hours of work.

I’m not going to sit here and say it’s impossible because it can be done, but it’s rare. I’m sure someone out there blasts out production-like woodworking projects and has figured out some way to sell them as the wood glue is still drying but that’s not wood craft, that’s manufacturing. Anyone who has actually started and finished some kind of wooden piece of work from start to finish knows the time, effort, and care that goes into it. They also know that to set a realistic price on it would be a joke, people would see how high the price is and think it was a joke or a mistake.

Clearly, we’re still going to build things because we love doing it but it leaves us stuck in the middle when we can’t ask what it’s worth because no one would buy it and we can’t sell it so cheap that it’s like giving it away. I find myself pricing products for what they are, regardless of how much time they took me, I don’t build this stuff to keep so my hopes are that anyone who purchases something from me will appreciate the value of it and that makes it okay with me. I hope this info wasn’t pointless, I just find myself thinking about how much goes into woodworking and how the monetary value isn’t equal. If you are someone who has purchased a hand-made product please take the time to recognize what went in to its creation.

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