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Are You Interested In Wood Working?

WGD Co, is a custom woodworking Company based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We offer everything from pallet wood projects, to creatively designed, precision cut, exotic hardwood projects.

Image of road
This is the road to my shop, o.k. so maybe it’s more like a shed! HaHa…

Appreciate Hand Crafted Wood Projects?

We are using this site as an opportunity for you to reach out to us with any wood project ideas or needs you may have. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what kind of ideas you have and we would love to collaborate on some creative projects. We love taking on custom projects for clients, so if you have a cool idea for a furniture piece, decoration, art, or anything made from wood then would love to be the one to bring that idea to life for you. On custom projects customers pay zero down until they have been satisfied after being presented with images of finished project.

Hardwood jewelry box

We want to take a minute to explain what Wood Grain Dreams Co. is and what it really consists of because I feel like anyone viewing this site should have an honest understanding of what it is they are actually viewing. First thing is I will be the first to admit that I don’t know “everything” about woodworking, and woodworking techniques. We are learning everyday, and can gladly say we will probably never stop learning, because there’s always a solution or technique to learn. So that being said, we do have a passion for all things wood craft related. We found this love for woodworking in 2009 and have only recently been able to purchase all the tools needed to actually follow projects through. The dream behind all this is to be able to make a living off of doing what we love, woodworking.

If you are just getting interested in working on wood  projects we encourage you to pursue it, maybe you’ll decide it’s not for you, or perhaps you’ll find woodworking is that one thing that makes you passionate about something. Either way we would love to know what you’re doing to get started with your woodworking projects and how things go with your hobby. Please comment on our blog pages, or contact us by email.

To all you experienced and talented woodworkers out there who are viewing this site, we would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. That includes constructive criticism, we believe that the best way to learn and define skills related to woodworking. All we ask is please refrain from being a jerk about something you might not agree with or perhaps something it is you know how to do better. We are more interested in positive vibes and supporting interested with woodworking.

From Pallet Wood Projects, To Custom Exotic Hardwood Designs, This Sight Promotes All Things Wood Craft Related.

We value our work and promise to give our customers quality craftsmanship products. Remember; there is no project to small, and just a few projects that are to big. So please, if you have an idea for a wood crafted project that you would like to collaborate your ideas and have us have us complete for you contact us.

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Disclaimer: This site includes links to related products and merchants, I want to give you the heads up that if you purchase anything from these links I will get a small commission from it. All links are reputable businesses such as Amazon and I’ve hand-picked products and businesses that I feel are most relevent and hold highest quality standards. Prices are no different than if you where to buy directly from their site, so please be supportive of a fellow woodworker trying to make a living. Thanks.

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